Shannon caters her social media strategy to each and every client individually. She strongly believes that social media needs to be the right fit for her clients, not a forced fit.

The list below includes just some of the tasks Shannon can take off your plate while keeping your business top of mind. Shannon works gradually, one step at a time with each client depending on their needs. Clients may only commit to one of these phases before moving to the next phase.

Some of these tasks may not apply to you in particular, or you may be left wondering if Shannon can fit your needs. Be sure to inquire about other marketing or virtual assistant services not listed.

Helping busy business professionals manage their social media, digital marketing,

and overall online presence.

1. First, let's evaluate your current online presence.

This stage includes tasks like:

  • Evaluating your goals and desires for your online presence
  • Analyzing your current target market, prospects, and connections
  • Outlining your short-term and long-term marketing goals
  • Examining previous and current social media activity
  • Determining the need for additional marketing including newsletters, blogging, videos, etc.
  • Determining the need for any virtual assistant services
  • Measuring the pace at which you want to proceed with the online marketing phases
  • Determining what kind of marketing materials and content you have available to use for social media
  • Discussing current SEO strategies and methods for implementation or improvement

Consultant determines a designated number of hours it will take her to begin and complete this phase.

2. Preparation Phase
This stage includes tasks like:

  • Fine-tuning existing accounts or setting up new accounts including but not limited to: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter
  • Gaining access to passwords and login information for existing accounts
  • Editing biographical information, photos, and content so they are professional and appealing
  • Eliminating unnecessary or old social media accounts
  • Retrieving all marketing materials that can be used for social media posts
  • Setting up schedules/good times to check in on the phone or in person
  • Adding new high-value prospects, groups, and connections
  • Following and adding potential high-value prospects on various accounts
  • Discussing strategies for posting blog on various platforms, such as LinkedIn Pulse
  • Creating an editorial calendar for when to post marketing content

Consultant determines a designated number of hours it will take her to begin and complete this phase.

3. Fire Phase

This stage includes tasks like:

  • Breaking up your marketing content into brief professional and appealing posts
  • Posting your marketing content on appropriate social media sites Monday through Friday
  • Following, adding, or connecting with other prospects of high value on social media
  • Re-posting, sharing or liking the content of high-value prospects and thought leaders in your industry
  • Monitoring any feedback of all social media platforms
  • Directly messaging prospects and your target demographic to stay top of mind
  • Posting discussion questions on LinkedIn if appropriate
  • Monitoring discussions and published articles on LinkedIn
  • Blog editing, search engine optimizing, and publishing if necessary
  • Taking computer screenshot images and sending you e-mails of any work completed
  • Organizing and editing e-newsletters
  • Tracking search engine optimization statistics and strategically adapting content and posts

Consultant completes the amount of hours deemed necessary to maintain a professional online presence.