"I have only the highest praise for Shannon's work in expanding my presence on social media.  Within days after we started, I saw my posts appearing with eye-catching visuals, and the articles and tweets elicited many favorable comments from readers.

Shannon has an in-depth knowledge of social media channels, the technology behind them, and the way to use them most effectively to achieve your goals. She is highly skilled at selecting the essential images to match the content, and she knows where to position clients for maximum exposure."

Stephen Charles Lincoln, Protein Bakery owner, National Group Fitness Director, and Group Fitness Instructor in New York City's top gyms, has been featured on FOX News, the Doctor Oz show, in Oprah Magazine, Men's Fitness Magazine and many more. Shannon has successfully helped to grow and manage the Protein Bakery Instagram account and target market key influencers that can spread the word about his brand.

Former Happy Clients:

Jennifer Ledet, SPHR, is a leadership consultant, author, and one of only four Certified Speaking Professionals in Louisiana, who has developed both a business and personal relationship with Shannon through their work in building her online presence.

Ken O'Quinn corporate writing coach, author, and former writer and editor for the Associated Press, explains that Shannon brought visual life to his blog.


Helping busy business professionals manage their social media, digital marketing,

and overall online presence.

Kristin Arnold MBA, CSP, former National Speakers Association President, professional panel moderator, high-stakes meeting facilitator, and award-winning author, shares why she chooses Shannon Gagnon to manage her social media, podcasts, newsletters, and more. 

"Shannon is a social media expert who really knows her stuff. She has helped me to expand my online presence, and leverage my content, which has taken the burden off me so that I can focus on what I do best. 

She has a gift for understanding what her clients' outcomes are and matching them with a strategy that will achieve them! Shannon invested the time to not only learn about my business, but she went the extra mile to find out the real distinctions about me and the messages I wanted to share, giving greater insight and visibility to my personal mission! 

Shannon has the expertise not only in social media marketing, SEO, and all things related to digital presence, but she is also strategic in helping me to connect with my intended audience. 

Shannon has a big heart and cares about her clients, not only from getting their business outcomes but also as a person and a friend. Through being so helpful, responsive, and making my social media journey easy and enjoyable, Shannon has become an important part of my team."                                                                                     https://jenniferledet.com/





International crisis communications expert Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC, is a speaker and author who has worked with organizations on five continents. Here is why he says Shannon Gagnon will "revolutionize your business."